Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucky Adventure, Pi Day, Paint Studio, and More!

Woaaaaaahhhh! I come on to Animal Jam and see LOADS of updates ^-^ For those that disliked the past few weeks' updates (Me included), hopefully this can compensate it :) Oh, hehe, out of all the excitement, I forgot to say hi so hey jammers! (Well this is awkward...) Smile here, and let's get to it! First off, we have the new adventure, just like some jammers predicted!
I love the colours so much... Really vibrant and.. er... colourful xD Have any of you played it yet? Send some snaps of the prizes you get to! Next up, we have a NEW set of den items!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spirit Snaps:
Comic WInner and Lucky Day Parties

Hey Jammers! If you can recall last weak I invited you all to send in some comics, and the couple entries I received were amazing! However I found this one to be ever so cute and creative!
Congrats Wombats! Hehehe that rhymed, anyways I still never chose the prize however don't worry I will get a prize to you soon!

Clover Tubes and Owl Facts!

Herro, jammers!
 Hungergamesrock19375, here! Today's new St. Patricks - er, sorry - Lucky Party themed item is the Clover Tubes! Sold in Sunken Treasures for only 300 gems!
They're quite pretty, are they not?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Play Wild Updates - Parties & Jam-a-Grams

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Hey jammers! Animal Jam's latest app, Play Wild (Beta) has received an update! In this update, AJHQ have added Jam-a-Grams, new parties, a new land, sapphires, Jam Cam and much more! Firstly, let's start off with the updated Jamaa Journal!
Jam-a-Grams have finally arrived in Play Wild! In Play Wild, you can type whatever you'd like in Jam-a-Grams, unlike Animal Jam. I love the Jam-a-Gram system in Play Wild and hopefully we'll get something like this in Animal Jam! ^.^

New Clover Cape and Monarch Butterflies!

Hey jammers!  Today's new item is the Clover Cape for 450 gems in Bahari Bargains.

Get your awesome new cape and be the new super hero. Hmm.... what would your name be, maybe clover man?