Saturday, December 20, 2014


Ciao, Jammers! Whoole bunch of new items today! First off, the daily gift!

Ah, the one we've all been waiting for! Non Member Bow/Arrows! I got pink! ^_^

Friday, December 19, 2014

Festive Window, Earrings, and Icicle Horn Gift

Hey jammers! The Jamaalidays are in full swing and today's variety of different items brings the festive cheer to Jamaa! The Ornament Earrings are available in Jam Mart Clothing and the Jamaaliday Window is available in Jam Mart Furniture, along with the new bird feeder. In Shiver Shoppe we have the new Yeti Face as well. ^.^

Oh dear, we seem to have a problem. The Ornament Earrings and Yeti Face seem to be experiencing some sort of glitch! The colour changer seems to not be working.

 And today's Jamaaliday gift is the Icicle Horn! Perfect for your festive outfits. We have almost finished our Jamaaliday gift calendar. This year's calendar has been filled with so much goodies! Fantastic to see members earning more diamonds on special days. Happy Jamaalidays! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pet Foxes, New Year's Party, Snow Fort

Hey jammers! Once again, AJHQ have updated Jamaa with some fun updates! Today's new items look to be a bunch of Jamaaliday den items, sold in Jam Mart Furniture, and the funky Jamaaliday Gift Hat, sold in Jam Mart Clothing as well! ^.^

Jam Mart Clothing
Whoa! That's a lot of Jamaaliday items. Those ornaments will be perfect for my epic Jamaaliday tree! ^.^ Let's kick off this week's Jam-tastic update on Animal Jam. Pet Foxes have finally returned to the Diamond Shop! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snowmen, Jingles, Hot Cocoa, and a Holiday Den

Hey jammers! Sorry to be so absent this semester, it has been a tough school year for little old me. ^.^' Remember, if you would like to become an author or submit articles for the blog simply email me at Todays new item looks to be the classic Snowman, sold in Jam Mart Furniture, and possibly the Jamaaliday Jingle sold in the Diamond Music Shop as well.
 I have a hard time keeping track of all these new items now that I'm in and out of Jamaa less frequently. I need to visit more often!! Speaking of visiting often, it's quite necessary during the holidays due to the daily prizes, and today is certainly one you don't want to miss.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reindeer Slippers and Candy Cane

Hey jammers! Akachip8967 here with a slightly late blog post, sorry guys. Today's new items are the Reindeer Slippers, available in Jam Mart Clothing!!! Over in Jam Mart Furniture we have the delicious Candy Canes! Happy Jamaalidays!
Those Reindeer Slippers are so Jam-tastic!!! They look so cute and festive! Perfect for keeping your paws nice and cosy during winter in Jamaa, or roasting marshmallows around the fireplace! So toasty! :D