Friday, January 30, 2015

Heart Trident

Hey jammers! After the arrival of the seasonal adventure, Special Delivery, jammers everywhere are excited for the Friendship Festival! Today's new item is the Heart Trident, sold in Bahari Bargains, deep below in Jamaa's wonderful oceans!
In the next Jamaa update next week we should see cute friendship decorations all around Jamaa. Pop over to my den with your buddies to have a little friendship party of your own! My den is ready for the Friendship Festival season in Jamaa. Be sure to pop over for a cute hangout, yummy chocolate, and hot cocoa! ^.^ 

Fashion Friday #1

Hey Jammers! Arthop here, with our first Fashion Friday! Fashion is all the rave in Jamaa, but, as lots of Jammers have informed me, sometimes it's hard to find just the right look (Sorry for all the commas, it's just my style x3). On these particular posts, I will be giving AJ fashion tips, cool outfit ideas, popular item blurbs, coolest outfit of the week, and more! Check Below the Break for the actual post ^.^.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delivery – Animal Jam Adventure Prize Guide

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii (and silly Snowy, tagging along for the ride) here with a guide for the new Friendship Festival / Valentine's Day themed adventure AJHQ has created, Special Delivery!
Listed like many of our recent holiday adventures, this limited addition journey can be found in the party tab. It even has a new, owly host named Rose! She needs lots of help delivering valentines.
First mention of Valentine's Day in Jamaa? Hmm...
Is she an alpha, or simply in charge of Jamaa's delivery system? 
Check below the break for prizes you can win and a video guide!

Special Delivery and Last Day Goal Post!

Hey jammers! Smile here, with a new update! First off is a new heart ring, located in Epic Wonders!
It seems like the monthly Jamaa Journal has come out once again, even though it was here last week :P The journal's content is pretty much the same, except for the front page...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spirit Snaps
Panda Snap Winners!

Hey Jammers! And yes, the winners have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who entered, it was quite difficult choosing the winners since you all did amazing! However I could only pick what was supposed to be two later turned to three. Anyways let's get to it!

First place goes to... drum roll please...
Congrats Owllover76! Out of all the entries I think this one had the most effort including all the lovely little details. I could only imagine how much time you put into this! So congratulations! I will send you your first place prize of a Panda Hat as soon as I can!

Second place goes to... drum roll please...