Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bat Balloon, Flaming Crown, Flaming Tiara, Skeleton Suit, Skeleton Throne and leaving Giant Bubble Gum Machine!

Hey jammers! Today, we have many, many, items to talk about, so let's get to the point. In Jam Mart Clothing, we have only one "new" item. It is the returning Bat Balloon, sold for 350 gems.

At Epic Wonders, we have one returning item and two new ones. First, the returning Skeleton Suit, sold for 1500 gems, the new Flaming Crown, sold for 1750 gems and the new Flaming Tiara, also sold for 1750 gems.

And way back at Jam Mart Furniture, we have one returning item, the Skeleton Throne, sold for 800 gems.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rare Heart Skull Helmet!

Click here to enter the AJS Writing Contest! A whole bunch of awesome new prizes have been added; including a Spiked Wristband! :D
The results of Chorus's awesome den decor mini contest, are coming up, too! The prize? A MIRA STATUE. Good luck to all who entered!

Ciao, jammers! Today's new item is the Rare Heart Skull Helmet, sold at Jam-Mart Clothing for a super cheap 500 gems.
Honestly, this rare's the scariest thing I've seen all October. Something about the flat shape and eerie, happy eyes... Eeeek! So, errr, good job...?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scary Eyes, Floating Candle, Creature Mask, and Phantom Poem Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers! I apologize for no post yesterday and posting slightly late today, I'm currently going through some personal problems. Anywho, there is a bunch of returning Night of the Phantoms items in Jamaa's shops. 

Scary Eyes and Floating Candle in Jam Mart Furniture 
 Creature Mask in Jam Mart Clothing
Superhero Cape and Skeleton Mask in Bahari Bargains
Coral Phantom Statue in Sunken Treasures 
On the Daily Explorer there is a new Diamond Challenge all about phantom poems! 5 diamonds up for grabs!! Maybe you jammers can share your phantom poem entries here on Animal Jam Spirit?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scary Fence, Ibex Horns, + Animal Jam Toys Launching 2016

Hey jammers! Today's new items for the Night of the Phantoms festival are the returning classic Scary Fence in Jam Mart Furniture, in Jam Mart Clothing we have the Ibex Horns!
In the Epic Wonders clothing shop, we have the Flaming Tiara and the Nessie Mask has returned to Bahari Bargains, Jamaa's oceans.
Let's get to the main part of today's post, WildWorks has recently got a master toy partner with a toy company called Jazwares! Jazwares will develop figures, play sets, and plush toys for Animal Jam that will launch globally in 2016. Pretty interesting?